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Industrial applications

The ACECT system has been used in a number of challenging research investigations successfully. The following are some examples. 

On the right is a video of imaging a fuidised bed in real time. Fluidisation is a complicated process and is commonly used in the chemical industry. However, up to now there is no efficient tool to measure this process. In this demonstration,  solids beads are suspended by air flowing upwards. An 8-electrode ECT sensor was used to obtain images of the dynamic process. It demonstrates that the ACECT system can provide high-speed high-quality images in real time. To watch this video, click the picture (3.8 Mbyte).

We acknowledge our collaborators from

Advanced Chemical Technology Centre (Canada) Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)Chinese Network on Industrial Process Tomography (China);  ICIR, Inc. (USA);  Institute of Mexican Petroleum Research (Mexico);  Cheju National University (Korea);  National Engineering Lab (UK);  National Physical Laboratory (UK)  Natural Science Foundation of China;  Nedap (Holland);  Sendig, Inc. (China) Schlumberger Cambridge Research (UK) Shell Global Solutions (UK) Tianjin University (China);   Tsinghua University (China)Twister (Holland);  UMIST (UK) University of Bergen (Norway)

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